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In 1880, the young Denver Walker graduated as a mechanic from the Denver School of Engineering and Computer Science in the United States. Out of interest in people’s health adjustment methods, Walker explored various possibilities that can encourage people to exercise on their own. A new type of fitness method from the eastern United States, mechanical running opportunities, give people unexpected help. However, this kind of treadmill at this time can only be regarded as a kind of "convenient agricultural equipment". This kind of stair-running power device is powered by livestock. Under the premise of animal protection laws and social development, this kind of equipment is The society accuses and eliminates them. Although some people produced horizontal ones at that time, they still did not solve the most primitive conflicts between equipment and fitness.

Because of his ambition, Walker personally tried a running platform composed of circular rollers. A plastic running belt and a running board were installed between the two rollers. The main movement method is to rely on the friction between the runner's foot and the running belt to drive the running. To achieve the effect of running and walking. After countless failures and repeated trials, this attempt finally achieved preliminary results. This is the first-generation treadmill in the modern sense. Due to the special way of movement, Walker named the machine he made GYMOST. Translated as "walker". In this way, Walker was successful, and this machine was adopted and produced by many fitness companies that were beginning to take shape at that time.

In the days that followed, Walker did not feel complacent about the previous results, but took the opportunity to conduct more in-depth research. Based on a generation of mechanical running, with the support of many funds, Walker began drastic improvements and carried out various A special research on construction equipment. With the dual support of technology and quality, Walker finally established his own brand company GYMOST in 1985, named after the first generation of mechanical running.

Since then, GYMOST has continued to develop, focusing on the development of treadmills, exercise bikes, comprehensive training devices and other fitness equipment that are closely related to people's fitness concepts. In 2000, GYMOST developed a safer, more durable, quieter, more energy-efficient, and more stable fourth-generation inverter treadmill. At the same time, Walker referred to his own entrepreneurial thinking and changed the brand and trademark of GYMOST to GYMOST Extreme Sports, and at the same time, there is no end! Pay tribute to the brave who rushes towards their ideals, and also made a new annotation for fitness!

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