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The benefits of healthy exercise

Release Time: 2020-08-04

Modern people want to live a long life, and there are actually many ways to help us extend our life. In addition to paying attention to a scientific diet in daily life, it is also necessary to do some exercise appropriately. When it comes to exercise, just There is a question of intensity, so what kind of exercise can make people live longer? Next, experts will introduce us to the ten major benefits of strenuous exercise. As long as you exercise for 30 minutes a day, you can live longer.


In fact, as to what intensity of exercise is beneficial to the body and can better extend the life of a person, there are many opinions in the scientific community, and there is no unified conclusion, but the latest research shows that strenuous exercise is very helpful to prolong the life of a person.


At the European Society of Cardiology meeting held in Paris at the end of August, Dr. Peter Schnohr from Bispebjerg University in Copenhagen, Denmark published a study on the relationship between exercise and longevity. The results of the study show that the intensity of exercise is the key to prolonging a person's lifespan, and it is confirmed that high-intensity exercise can help to prolong life; the length of exercise is not so important.

In the study conducted by Dr. Schonor, the sample was 5,106 cycling enthusiasts between 21 and 90 years old from Copenhagen. Researchers found that among male cyclists, medium-intensity cyclists can live 2.9 years longer, and high-intensity cyclists can live 5.3 years longer than low-intensity cyclists. In comparison among female cyclists, medium-intensity riders live longer than low-intensity riders by 2.2 years, and high-intensity riders live 3.9 years longer than low-intensity riders. This shows that strenuous exercise has a certain effect on longevity.


In this regard, Dr. Schonor suggested that people should do at least once a day the highest intensity physical exercise they can accept. Cycling or running quickly to get off work is a good choice.


The above experts have introduced us to the ten major benefits of strenuous exercise. As long as you can exercise for 30 minutes a day, you can live longer. Of course, it takes effort and patience to help yourself have a healthier body through exercise.

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